Rubber Stamp Info


Each Rubber Art Stamp is created from my own hand drawn designs. I use a combination of pen work, acrylic paint, or spray paint to create different effects. As a result, the images range from clean linework and pointillism to a mixed media feel with visible brush strokes and paint splatter. Using deep etch technology what you see is what you get in the Stamp.

Deep Etch 

All of my stamps are made from natural gum rubber and are deeply etched into the surface. Deep etch technology captures a high level of detail in each design and ensures clean imprints by setting the image at a depth that is twice the industry standard. Natural gum rubber is also extremely durable and flexible making it ideal for use on a variety of materials. With proper care each stamp can be printed hundreds of times without losing image quality.

Cling Cushion 

My cling-mounted stamps are mounted on high quality cling-cushion and cut close to the edge of the design for accurate placement when printing. Once the protective sticker is removed from the back of the stamp it will stick to and peel off of acrylic surfaces using a static charge. An acrylic block provides a stiff support when printing. If pressing the designs into materials such as clay the cling mount can easily be removed to allow for more flexibility in the rubber.

Acrylic stamping blocks and ink pads can be found at any major craft store.

Stencil Info


Each Stencil is laser cut from 7 mil Mylar. The properties of this unique plastic allow it to be thin while retaining it's flexibility and strength. This makes it ideal for applying the details of the design onto different surfaces. Mylar is also tear and solvent-proof, allowing it to be used with numerous paints and mediums.


The size of each Stencil is 6" by 9" with the design ending about a half an inch from the border. With a rectangular shape you can choose the part of the Stencil that you want to to use on a smaller project. If art journaling or working on a canvas the whole image can be used to cover a larger area.

Copyright Policy 

Angel Company

I am an Angel Company which means that you can use my Stamps and Stencils in your artwork and may sell your finished product as long as each piece is made by hand. This includes stamping or stenciling onto fabric, impressing the designs into clay, or paper-crafts. Feel free to experiment with all sorts of mediums as long as you are physically stamping or stenciling my designs onto your creations. Any mechanical reproductions such as scans or reprints of my designs are not permitted unless a special agreement is arranged.

Thank you for respecting the copyright and ownership of my work. Enjoy!